Read Credit page carefully

The Credit Page is under constuction. It will be updated on regular basis.

Acknowledgment of Collaborators:
Thank individuals or companies who have collaborated with your firm on projects. This could include architects, interior designers, contractors, or suppliers.

Client Recognition:
Recognize your clients who have entrusted your company with their projects. You can mention them by name or company, depending on their preference for privacy.

Photography Credits:
If you showcase project photos on your website, credit the photographers who captured those images. This is important for acknowledging their work and maintaining copyright compliance.

Material and Product Suppliers:
Give credit to suppliers or manufacturers whose materials or products were used in your projects. This could include furniture, fixtures, lighting, and other interior design elements.

Software and Tools:
Acknowledge any software or tools that your company utilizes for architectural design, interior design, project management, or visualization. This could include CAD software, rendering tools, project management platforms, etc.

Professional Associations and Affiliations:
Mention any professional associations, industry organizations, or affiliations that your company is a part of. This could include architectural societies, interior design associations, or sustainability certifications.

Educational Institutions:
If applicable, recognize any educational institutions or programs that have contributed to the expertise and skills of your team members. This could include universities, colleges, or design schools.

Special Thanks:
Offer special thanks to individuals or entities who have provided support, guidance, or inspiration to your company. This could include mentors, advisors, or inspirational figures in the industry.

Website Development and Design:
Credit any individuals or agencies involved in the development and design of your website. This could include web designers, developers, graphic designers, or content creators.