Terms of Service


Read Terms carefully

Wilco is a Mumbai based compnay. The company is mainly in to Architectural work. Desining of office space, work space, hotel, resort, hospital, mall, school & college. The perpose of this service agreement is for smooth completion of project with utmost clarity & understanding. Once we agree to the terms. We will put the service agreement in writting so at later stage there is no confusion.

Scope of Services:
We design Architectural drawing on autocad & design the layout keeping clients requirement in mind. We also make a list of premission required for this kind of work. We make a flow chart & start negotiationg with contractor. We explain them the work expected from them & check the quote. Then this quote is required to be approved by client. We also negotiate staggered payment terms with various contractor. We help client understand various stages & various work. This type of work is interdepended between various agencies.

Client Responsibilities:
As a client, we expect clarity in their requirement. Once the drawing layout & budget is apporved. They are expeced to give time in finalizing the finishing material required for the project in thie. They are expected to make various payment on time as per the stages of completion of the work.

Payment Terms:
The client is expected to pay 50%of our our firms laypout & designing fees at first stage. They are expected to clear this amount when we finalize & hand over the design to them. Once desinging part is done we expect them to pay us 50% of our Architects fees. We start negotiationg with contractor to start the job. Contractors bill will be paid throus our company as per staggered payment finalized.

Project Terms:
The clinet can expect completion of project in timeline decided, If their is any revision due to unavoidable circumstance. The clinet will be informed so. If the scope of work changes say due to changes in layout or material changes then addtional cost might accure & same will be conveyed.

Intellectual Property:
The ownership right to the design, drawing & concept will be remain with us till the completion of the project. We request client not to use or share this documents with anyone from this industries without prior permission from us.

Liability and Disclaimers:
We will request client to take approriate insurance for the property during the work is going on. While work is going on if there is any unintentional demange, loosses or dispute arising for the services provided. We request the client to sort it out the matter at earliest. We will try to help them but principally it is clients responsibility.

Termination of Services:
The service agreement can only be terminated if there is a restriction from government or unavoidable circustance where court order is there. The client is expected to clear all the due of various agency involved in the work at various stages. They are expected to clear our bill in full if the work is completed & site is done.

Confidentiality and Privacy:
Clients information regardign project will be kept confidential as per there request during the project is going on. None of the information will be shared with other client.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction:
We will follow all the govenment law & any disputes with any party will be under Mumbai Jurisdiction only.

Modifications to Terms:
We reserve the right to modify the service terms with justifiable explanation to the client.